Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Training Course, Meerut

January 30, 2020

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized an internal workshop for teachers on the Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Training Course on 9-10 January 2020. The workshop was facilitated by a group of teacher trainers and chaired by the principal, Mr. Biswajit Dutta and the head mistress, Ms. Shalini Dargan Bhatia. It began with an uplifting spiritual discourse on DVD by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, and his message «Meditate Plenty in 2020». This was followed by ten minutes of meditation. The workshop covered a variety of spiritual topics which included the philosophy and purpose of the spiritual curriculum, an introduction to the vision of Darshan Academy, meditation, vegetarian diet, introspection, creating a welcoming environment and positive behaviour intervention programme. Participants learned about the inspiration of Darshan Academy, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj who is internationally recognized for his work toward promoting inner and outer peace through spirituality and meditation. Through a power-point presentation, Ms. Dargan Bhatia helped teachers recall the philosophy and the true purpose of the Spiritual Curriculum. Emphasis was laid on starting the school day with meditation to help students become a generation of peacemakers. In the next session, facilitators gave a presentation on the benefits of a vegetarian diet. In a discussion on introspection, trainers explained it as a self-help tool designed to bring about spiritual change and personal transformation, by becoming aware of actions, thoughts and words by tracking one’s own progress. This was followed by a discussion on the need of a Positive Behaviour Intervention Programme. Through a power-point presentation, the facilitators emphasized the important aspects of creating a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom with respect for all students, their ideas and opinions. Various topics of the Spiritual Curriculum were highlighted, including peace education and conflict resolution. Participants learned how differences among people can be overcome and the importance of finding peace within. Towards the end of the workshop, the teachers enjoyed singing songs and relating them with ethical values in the spiritual curriculum. Overall, the workshop proved to be very beneficial.


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