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Hazur Week of Human Unity and Peace, Delhi

(August 12, 2019)

Hazur Week of Human Unity and Peace was observed in Darshan Academy Delhi at the end of July. During this week long celebration students participated in a numerous activities. The week culminated with a mesmerizing cultural program presented by the students on the topic of Human Peace and Unity. To pay homage to the great saints, the day started with a wonderful special thematic assembly conducted by the students of grade IX. A song was performed brilliantly by a student and was followed by a dance by students of grade IX, and a role play which was the highlight of the day. Participants presented views on the importance of being united, global peace, compassion, and love. The morning program ended with a beautiful peaceful sight of the entire school sitting together in meditation.

Teej Celebration , Hisar

(August 12, 2019)

Darshan Academy, Hisar celebrated Teej on 2nd August, 2019. The school was decorated, garden swings adorned with flower garlands, and young students came dressed in vibrant ethnic attire. Students of classes I and II danced to Punjabi music, the girls of XI and XII recited boliyan couplets and performed giddha folk dances, and tiny-tots of pre-nursery presented a Punjabi song. Some of the young students had their hands decorated with Henna designs. Students participated whole-heartedly in the fun-filled function and enjoyed the day to the essence.

Regional Mathematics Workshop, Hisar

(August 9, 2019)

A regional workshop for Darshan Academy teachers teaching Mathematics was organised in Darshan Academy Hisar on 2 August, 2019. It was attended by the DA teachers of Ambala, Kaithal and Hisar. The agenda of the workshop was to develop ideas for motivating students through joyful activities such as exploring, constructing, designing, solving problems, mathematical games, puzzles, and Jodo Gyan material. Teachers were introduced to different activities to promote meaningful learning which helps the students achieve higher order thinking skills. All the teachers gave wonderful demo lessons on a variety of topics and discussed techniques for framing question papers. Subject expert Dr. Neeru Bala took an impressive session on “Effective Methods of Teaching Mathematics.” She also introduced some Vedic Mathematics which was interesting. The workshop was beneficial in familiarizing the teachers with innovative methods of making the teaching learning process a success. The day concluded with lots of learning.

Human Unity and Peace Role Play, Dasuya

(August 9, 2019)

A role play was performed in Darshan Academy Dasuya on 25 July 2019 as part of the celebration of the Hazur Week of Human Unity and Peace. The theme was “Selfless Service”. The play guided the students about the importance of helping others. Students gave a very inspiring message to everyone.

Inter-House Talent Hunt Competition, Kaithal

(August 7, 2019)

An Inter-House Talent Hunt Competition was held at Darshan Academy Kaithal on August 2, 2019. This competition gave the children a chance to pursue a dream and bring out hidden talents. The competition categories were singing, dancing and mono-acting. The stage came alive as students dressed in colorful costumes and using fascinating props made it hard for the judges to determine a winner. Students also showcased social messages through their performances such as using less mobiles, playing video games and the empowerment of women.

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