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Spiritual Curriculum Workshops

(January 22, 2018)

On 30th December, 2017, Darshan Academy, Hisar, held a one day teacher training workshop on the Spiritual Curriculum. The workshop explored four keynotes: Meditation, Introspection Diary, Sant Mat and Positive Behavior (DA Agreements). The objective of the workshop was to provide teachers the opportunity to actively engage and learn the methodology of teaching the spiritual curriculum. Teachers were divided into groups to discuss and present the four topics emphasizing the development of the students. Teachers used flash cards, charts, PPT, and life examples for their presentations. Observer Ms Arora stressed the need to avoid hateful feelings and to foster love and peace in one’s life. Principal Jessica Kamble praised the teacher’s efforts for their involvement in the workshop. Everyone felt enriched by the event and went home remembering the encouraging agreements, “Be safe, be kind, be dedicated to truth, and be respectful” to enact in their classrooms.
On 6th January DA Hisar organised a book review workshop for the teachers based on the book “Silken Thread of the Divine” by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Observers Mr Ghosh and Ms. Batra welcomed the staff and conveyed New Year greetings. Teachers presented various chapters of the book through role play, flashcards, group discussions and other activities. The book contains a variety of inspiring topics, such as the connection we have to the Divine and offers a powerful and effective meditation technique which leads to realms of higher consciousness. Other topics focused on in the workshop from the book included science and spirituality and inner and outer communication. A meditation session at both events helped participants tune into the energy of their soul, relax and forget any hurry and worry. The workshops were excellent and an inspirational professional development opportunity for all.

Thanksgiving Day Celebration

(January 22, 2018)

In the USA Thanksgiving Day has been a historical recognition of events that happened In 1621 with the Plymouth colonists and Native Americans celebrating the harvest. For more than two centuries Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated as a day to give thanks to God for the blessings one receives. Darshan Academy Delhi held a “Thanks Giving Day” to thank the year gone by and to welcome the New Year. Students performed a musical ballet conveying the message of gratitude. Ms. Khanna delivered a speech to the students on thankfulness for gifts of life and thanking ourselves for doing good deeds. Principal A David praised the students and the meaningful message of the assembly and gave a blessing to all for the coming year.

Darshan Academy Poetry Fest 2017

(January 22, 2018)

Darshan Academy Delhi celebrated Poetry Fest with poetry writing and recitation competitions to encourage our young poets to showcase their skills. The competition was in honour of the great mystic poet, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj, who has been an inspiration for all lovers of peace across the globe. Participants were divided into nine groups: In Group I were students of grades Nur-KG and Group II were Grades I and II through IX. Parents were in Group VIII and teachers in Group IX. Both of the competitions were conducted in the respective classes. The teachers selected three to four best participants for the second round. Judges were the co-ordinators and selected teachers. The final round was judged by Ms. Poonam Ghai, Secretary-PTA, Mr. Baljeet Singh Dhillon and Ms. Kamala Bansiwal. Every group had three winners. The judges acknowledged and praised the efforts of all the participants. The selected entries of the writing competition were judged by the Hindi and English language faculty and the three best entries from each group were sent to DEF. It was a wonderful and inspiring experience for all who participated and for all who helped to make this event such a huge success.

National Mathematics Day

(January 18, 2018)

National Mathematic Day was celebrated at Darshan Academy Delhi on 27th December, 2017 in the memory of the great mathematician, Sriniwas Ramanujan. Children acted as different mathematicians and presented the mathematician’s views to other students. Some students demonstrated the importance of mathematics in our life. Students also shared valuable tips and fun-filled games to remove math phobia and to show that Math can be fun. Ms. Pummi Vasudeva motivated students with her speech that “decision determines destiny.” Principal A. David concluded the assembly with a motivational message “practice makes man perfect and Darshanites can perfect this subject through practice.” The academy also organized a special “Math Project Week” of activities for all the classes.

Parents and Grandparents Day

(January 18, 2018)

On 29th December, 2017 a “Parents and Grandparents Day” was celebrated at Darshan Academy, Dasuya. The theme of the program was Peedhiyo Ka Sangam. Grandparents have the warmth of a parent, wisdom of a sage and a special place in the heart of a child, so it was a great joy to have their presence at the event, along with the parents. For some families it was the first time three generations were present on the stage. Principal, Mr. Rasik Gupta, addressed the audience saying how much we all respect and honour our parents and grandparents. Special guests of honor were welcomed warmly. The program began with a Shabad and welcome dances. There were many performances such as a mime choreography, lovely plays, songs and dances. The guests of honor praised the efforts of the students and staff. Principal, Mr Gupta thanked the audience and guests for their participation and making it such a memorable and special day.

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