Our Clubs

Darshan Academy, Meerut provides an opportunity to its students to experience a hobby or activity of their choice. There are 12 Junior Clubs available for the students of Grades 3 to 5 while 15 Senior Clubs for the students of Grades 6 to 12. The Academy runs these Clubs to provide an appropriate platform to its students to hone their skills, help them showcase their innate talents and get an appropriate exposure as per their interest. 

Activities such as exhibitions, educational excursions, competitions, community service projects, workshops and presentations in the Assembly are organized year around as per the School Activity Calendar. Teacher train and motivate students to take part in different competitions organized at inter-school, zonal, state and national level. Students are trained to become worthy citizens, eco-friendly and empathetic humans. 

CREATIVE SPARK LITERARY CLUB fosters joy of reading and develops communication, writing and drama skills.

EMERGING MATHEMATICIANS MATHS CLUB helps students develop critical thinking abilities and promotes logical reasoning in solving mathematical problems.

BUDDING SCIENTIST SCIENCE CLUB cultivates innovative thinking, scientific aptitude and problem solving skills.

BHARTIYA SANSKRITI HERITAGE CLUB shares knowledge and appreciation of India’s rich history, culture, traditions, art and architecture.

THE ROCKING MINDS, a General Information Club, keeps students abreast of current world events and helps prepare them for quizzes and contests.

GLOBAL LINK CYBER HUB makes students aware of the latest developments in the exciting, fast-changing field of IT.

FIELD AND TRACK HUNTERS SPORT CLUB enhances athletic talents, physical fitness, fair-play, team work and true sportsmanship qualities while preparing students for Inter-school competitions.

PRAYAS COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB inculcates empathy and selfless service for those in need with the goal toward betterment of society.

INNOVATIVE HANDS ART AND CRAFT CLUB encourages and develops creative skills through exploration of various art and craft techniques.

THE BOOK HUNTERS LIBRARY CLUB encourages the joy of reading and develops interest in literature.

UPCHAAR FIRST AID CLUB gives students medical skills to aid victims while fostering the ethical value of selfless service.

AAROGYA HEALTH & HYGIENCE CLUB cultivates the skills for personal and environmental cleanliness and creates awareness for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

SAKSHAM (DISASTER MANAGEMENT CLUB) Promotes student skills and understanding to be able to take rapid action in case of adversity or calamity in the vicinity.