Awards & Achievements

U.P. Roller Sports Championship 2022

Honey of Grade 9 of Darshan Academy, Meerut brought accolades and added another colourful feather in the hat of our Academy. He participated in 8th Roller Sports Championship which was held at Greno Banked Track, Noida from 27 to 30 October 2022 . He bagged two gold medals for his outstanding performance in :

3000 mtr Road – 1st Position

1000 mtr Rink Race – 1st Position

Honey has been selected for National Championship which will be held at Bengaluru, Karnataka from 11 to 24 December 2022.

Internal Workshop on Spiritual Curriculum and Demo Lessons

Darshan Academy, Meerut, conducted an internal workshop on demo lessons in the spiritual curriculum on December 30, 2023, which aimed at the Academy’s commitment to holistic education and enhancing the teaching methodologies for imparting the need of best teaching practices required in the teaching of 

Internal Workshop on Innovative Teaching Pedagogies

Igniting Minds through Innovative Teaching Pedagogies. Darshan Academy, Meerut,  hosted an internal workshop on innovative teaching pedagogies on January 6, 2024, setting the tone with 10 minutes of meditation and inspiring words by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Presenters delved into the interdisciplinary nature of 

Spiritual Talk

Ms. Neelam Madan, a volunteer speaker at Darshan Education Foundation, Delhi, gave a talk on ‘A Confident & Winning Personality Through Meditation’ for students of classes IX-XII and on ‘Be Happy and Empowered through Meditation’ for teachers in two sessions on November 15, 2022. With 

Capacity Building Workshop

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Darshan Academy, Meerut, conducted a workshop on teaching methodology on June 27, 2022, to help teachers incorporate 21st century  skills in their teaching-learning process. The presenters conducted interactive activities, discussed pedagogical approaches under competency-based and 

Demo Lesson and Video Satsang

Darshan Academy, Meerut, organized an internal workshop on demo lessons for the  spiritual curriculum and a video satsang on May 28, 2022. The session commenced with ten minutes of meditation. A positive aura was created from watching various short videos of spiritual discourses by Darshan 

Internal Workshop on Teaching Methodologies

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized a one-day internal workshop on teaching methodologies for teachers on May 30-31, 2022. The session began with ten minutes of meditation. The presenters laid stress on concept building, collaborative work, critical thinking and problem solving among the students. The presentations activated 

In-house Training in Spiritual Curriculum

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized an internal workshop on demo lessons in the spiritual curriculum on January 8, 2022. The presenters shared multiple teaching methodologies and activities related to effective teaching of different topics. The creativity and efforts of the presenters were worth praising. The session 

Workshop for Mathematics Teachers

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized a regional workshop for teachers teaching mathematics in classes I to V on August 2, 2021. Teachers from Delhi, Meerut, Lucknow and Rathonda participated enthusiastically in the workshop. The presenters shared many innovative practices and digital tools to make online classes 

Workshop for Environmental Studies Teachers

Darshan Academy, Meerut organised a regional workshop for teachers teaching environmental studies in grades I – V on August 2, 2021. Teachers of DA Delhi, Lucknow, Meerut and Rathonda participated in the workshop with full zeal.  Discussions on effective strategies to maximize students’ participation in the 

Internal Workshop on Teaching Methodologies

Online Internal Workshop on Teaching Methodologies used in virtual classes was organized on 31 May 2021 in Darshan Academy, Meerut. All presenters from the Academy shared their best practices and activities that they were using in their respective virtual classes. Worthy Spectators from DEF – Ms Poonam Ghai, Ms Surinder Virmani,  Ms Devi Ji,