Republic Day Celebrations

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

In a display of patriotism and discipline, students of classes VIII to XI of Darshan Academy, Meerut, took part in a Route March Past organized by the Meerut District Administration as part of the Republic Day celebrations. The event brought together numerous schools from the city, creating a vibrant spectacle of unity and national pride. The DA participants were lauded for their exemplary performance in the synchronized March Past, showcasing not only their discipline but also their dedication to upholding the spirit of the occasion. The students’ attention to uniformity and cleanliness reflected the values instilled by the Academy, earning them applause and admiration from onlookers.

Daily Tip
We should always do and give our best. The reward is in the service, not the fruits of the service. - Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj